Archangel #5, Page 19

Page 19 sees NAOMI and VINCE return to NAOMI's headquarters.

Panels 1-2.

NAOMI and VINCE are sent to her headquarters.

Panel 3. 

FRITZ doesn't recognise VINCE ... why?

It could be that there are four universes in the Archangel comics:

(1) The "prime" universe; the original, where ROBERT HENDERSON is president of the U.S., and the world is in a crappy state.

(2) The first "fork", when JUNIOR HENDERSON used the Splitter, where he went back in time and killed his grandfather, and tried to execute the Archangel plan.

(3) The second "fork", when THE PILOT and CARLOS used the Splitter to go back in time to stop JUNIOR, and NAOMI, FRITZ, and VINCE got involved.

(4) The third "fork"; our world, where DONALD TRUMP is president of the U.S., caused by TORRES blowing up the Splitter, and sending NAOMI and VINCE into this fork in 1945, and THE PILOT into the same fork in 2016.

Either that or there are two universes in the Archangel comics:

When the Splitter was destroyed, it caused a quantum rupture, whereby its destruction not only propagated changes forward, but it also propagated changes backwards, so all of the uses of the Splitter were erased from history, in a way it was as if JUNIOR and THE PILOT and the others never went back in time at all, except Major Aloysius Henderson did die a year earlier, and as a result his son didn't become president, and therefore his grandson didn't travel back in time, resulting in our reality.