Issue #1

In an alternative 2016, the US Vice President, Junior Henderson gets a facelift to look like his grandfather, and travels back in time to 1945 with six comrades using a device called the Splitter. When back in 1945 they kill Junior's grandfather, and Junior takes his place. Meanwhile, in 2016 a faction opposed to this plan take control of the Splitter, led by Major Torres, who want to prevent the potential problems that interference with the timeline might cause. Meanwhile, in 1945, RAF Officer, Agent Naomi Givens, is instructed to investigate the appearance of an unknown aircraft that crashed in Berlin, killing one of the two pilots of the craft. She contacts her ex-boyfriend, Vince Mathews, and together they investigate the circumstances of the crash, and attempt to obtain information from the surviving pilot who is revealing nothing.

Issue #2

The surviving pilot contacts Major Torres in the future and obtains a stealth suit that allows him to escape from prison. He contacts Naomi Givens who has discovered that some of the materials from the crash site are from the future. The pilot explains a little bit about the circumstances of his time travel to Naomi before Junior Henderson and Vince arrive to interview Naomi. Naomi claims she knows nothing about the pilot to Junior, and his treatment of her and his general behaviour causes Vince to realise that Junior is not what he seems to be, so Vince makes a break from Junior. Naomi goes to a nightclub to meet a Ukrainian contact who may have information about the crashed plane that landed in the Russian quadrant of Berlin. She is followed by the pilot who in turn is being followed separately by both Junior and Vince.

Issue #3

Issue #4