Archangel #1, Page 6

Page 6 returns us to 2016 where MAJOR TORRES takes matters into her own hands.

Panel 1

MAJOR TORRES, DR. DAVIS, two soldiers and one civilian in the SPLITTER control room. DR. DAVIS says that JUNIOR is "IN POSITION TO PAVE THE WAY FOR ARCHANGEL" (whatever that means?).

Panel 2


Panel 3

Klaxon sounds.

Panel 4

Metal doors shut.

Panel 5


Panel 6

The civilian shoots one of the soldiers.

Panel 7

The second soldier shoots at the civilian, but he dodges the bullet.

Panel 8

The second soldier is shot.

Panel 9

MAJOR TORRES covers DR. DAVIS with a gun.

Panel 10

MAJOR TORRES reveals that she objects to the plan of sending JUNIOR HENDERSON back in time.