Archangel #1, Page 8

Page 8 introduces the key protagonist of the story, NAOMI GIVENS, an RAF Intelligence Agent, and a kind of like a female Mulder.

Panel 1


Panel 2

AGENT GIVENS gets a call.

Panel 3

"AN ICARUS EVENT" - craft down.

Panel 4

A phone, it looks like a Reichspost Mix & Genest Model 36.

Panel 5

AGENT GIVENS gets a gun from her drawer, it has no trigger guard, and the handle is wrapped in tape. (From Neuromancer: "The front of the trigger-guard had been cut away and the grips wrapped with what looked like old masking tape").

Her gun sits on the February 1940 issue of Astounding Science-Fiction, with Robert Heinlein's If This Goes On— featured on the cover.

Panel 6

She slips the gun into her bag.

Panel 7

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Panel 8

She exits her office, it's a dump.