Archangel #1, Page 7

Page 7 explains a little bit about JUNIOR's objectives in going back in time (to an alternative world).

Panel 1

From DR. DAVIS' point of view, we hear MAJOR TORRES suggest that the real plan has always been to ensure that JUNIOR and his cronies survive, and that they do not care about the survival of the rest of the world.

Panel 2

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Panel 3

MAJOR TORRES pointing her gun at an empty chair to indicate to DR. DAVIS to sit in it.

Panel 4

DR. DAVIS seems to be indicating that the SPLITTER is not just allowing them access to parallel universes, but rather, that it is creating them.

Panel 5

MAJOR TORRES (cable) ties DR. DAVIS to the chair.

Panel 6

MAJOR TORRES reveals that she lied about the energy levels, and it will be possible to transport others back in time ("A STEALTH FIGHTER AND TWO MARINES").

Panel 7

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Panel 8

MAJOR TORRES reveals she and her group mined the tunnels.

Panel 9

MAJOR TORRES activates a remote control.

Panel 10

On the monitors explosions go off in the entrance tunnels to the SPLITTER.