Archangel #2, Page 8

Page 8 sees NAOMI chat with THE PILOT.

Panel 1

"TELEVISION" - If THE CREEPSUIT does use micro-cameras and micro-projectors, then the answer isn't a bad one.

Panel 2

That makes sense.

Panel 3

"NOT YOUR FUTURE. YOUR WORLD HERE, EVERYTHING, IT'S A COPY...EGGHEADS IN MY WORLD SPLIT IT OFF FROM OUR TIMELINE" - This makes a lot of sense in terms of our current understanding of quantum physics, time travel per se is impossible like in THE TIME TUNNEL, but it may be possible to interact with (or create) a parallel reality.  In this case THE SPLITTER has caused THE PILOT to enter a parallel reality which is exactly the same as his own reality, but everything is running 70 years slower, and changes in that reality could impact his reality because of the effects of quantum entanglement, in the same way that a Young's slits experiment with a single series of quanta will still generate an interference pattern. The parallel reality is either created, or "knows the right place to be" to cause the interference. All of this assumes a Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics, for more detail see "The Fabric of Reality" by David Deutsch.

Panel 4

"SAME HISTORY" - except for JUNIOR.

Panel 5

"WHEN THE FORK HAPPENS" - The Hiroshima bombing will be happening on the following day.

Panel 6

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