Archangel #3, Page 10

Page 10 sees THE PILOT catch up with NAOMI

Panel 1

THE PILOT running after NAOMI's signal.

Panel 2

NAOMI sees someone approach.

Panel 3

[No comment].

Panel 4

The signal gets loud.

Panel 5

As we saw in issue #1 the pilots have Surgically Implanted Improvised Explosive Devices (SIIEDs), aka Body Cavity Bombs (BCBs), we learn now that they can be remotely controlled by JUNIOR.

Panel 6

It appears as if NAOMI looks surprised that the SIIEDs are remotely controlled, but not because she doesn't know about remote controls, she would know well that Nikola Tesla demonstrated a remote-controlled boat in 1898, but rather her expression indicates that she is figuring out something to do about the remote control.

Panel 7

[No comment].