Archangel #4, Page 7

Page 7 sees NAOMI changes THE PILOT's dressings

Panel 1

Again NAOMI has such a good understanding of time travel and can see things from THE PILOT's point of view.

Panel 2

The military tattoo barcodes onto its personal in THE PILOT's future.

The tracking and bomb activation device that JUNIOR is called a "Memex". The Memex machine was a hypothetical machine proposed by Vannevar Bush (scientific advisor to the U.S. President during WW II) in 1945, which was a desk with two screens and two input devices that would allow people to access text, audio and film-based materials, and create links between different content. The Memex machine concept strongly influenced a number of computer pioneers, including J.C.R. Licklider (who did important work on Human-Computer interfaces), Douglas Engelbart (who developed the computer mouse, computer graphics, video conferencing, and word processing), and Ted Nelson (who pioneered hypertext and hyperlinks).

Panel 3

A Memex is a "MEMORY STORAGE UNIT" here.

Panel 4

The radio-controlled bombs have a 50 feet range, just as well.

Panel 5

"I'VE SEEN" - The other pilot's bomb goes off in Issue #1

Panel 6

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