Archangel #4, Page 9

Page 9 returns us to MAJOR TORRES

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TORRES is speaking to DR. JACK DAVIS, creator of THE SPLITTER.

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Explaining in more detail the disaster mentioned in the last page, it appears a number of world leaders agreed to bury nuclear devices in their countries that would self-activate if they started a war (this must be part of the Pax Americana doctrine).

Now we know why all of the capital cities were in ruins at the start of issue #1.

Panel 4

It's possible to draw parallels between the scenario outlined here, and any number of world events, both recent and as far back as the Suez Crisis in 1956, and before.TORRES is really suggesting that this was a false flag event, which are events that are designed to appear as though they are being carried out by one group, and were actually planned and executed by another.

Panel 5

"BLACK GLASS" - When nuclear devices are ignited in desert areas, the power of the blast will fuse the sand into glass. Sometimes called "Trinitite" or "Alamogordo glass", named after the sites of early nuclear tests in New Mexico.