Archangel #3, Page 4

Page 4 sees COLONEL YERAKOV and NAOMI discussing "the Bomb"

Panel 1

NAOMI is still denying everything

Panel 2

Russia is worried about the Nazis getting in the atomic bomb. The Nazi effort to build a bomb was called the Uranprojekt, which was led mainly by Erich Schumann, and involved other noted scientists such as Werner Heisenberg.

Michael Frayn's excellent play Copenhagen concerns a meeting between Heisenberg and Niels Bohr discussing whether or not Germany has the bomb, or might get it.

Russia is also worried about the Americans getting in the atomic bomb. * SPOILERS * they have it, and will drop it the following day.

Panel 3

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Panel 4

YERAKOV not only suspects an atomic bomb, but is also aware of the "THERMOPLASTIC RAMJET AIRCRAFT" that the pilots arrived in.

Panel 5

YERAKOV's life depends on discovering this information.