Archangel #4, Page 8

Page 8 tells us where it all went wrong

Panel 1

"Recuerda" is Spanish for "remember".

"GLOBAL FAILSAFE SYSTEM" - we learn more about this on the next page.

Panel 2

"JUNIOR AND HIS FATHER ARE THE LEADERS YOU GET WITH IT" - Maybe they had something to do with it?

Panel 3

"NEW B-29S" - Boeing developed the B-29 during the second World War, and the first flight of a B-29 was 21st September 1942. Two "famous" B-29s during that war were the Enola Gay (which dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima) and the Bockscar (which dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki).

Panel 4

More of the HENDERSON's plan becomes clear.

Panel 5

MAJOR TORRES is hearing everything through the Robotic Flies.